Cracked sex myths in which many still believe


There are many myths about sex in which many still believe and transmit.

Sex experts, educators and sexologists for Huffington Post clarify myths and truths in which many people still believe.

1. Men who too watch porn movies are not capable of sex

There are no scientific results that prove that men who regularly watch porn movies do not have a good performance in bed.

“Erectile dysfunction is common and can happen to every man. When it comes to this, many wonder if it’s too much to watch porn movies, although that does not have to be a reason. In fact, the biggest cause is anxiety that arises because of fear of lack of experience, lack of self-esteem and the like, “said the sexologist Gigi Engle.

2. Men who fantasize about anal sex are probably homosexuals

“The root of this myth comes from the idea that behavior is a real identity. It is important for people to realize that behavior and identity have nothing to do with it. It’s how you identify yourself personally and to you, just as it suits your body, “added Engle.

3. Sex is good only if you end up with orgasm

“Sex passes many more dimensions. It does not matter what type of sex you prefer, it is important to enjoy, and orgasm then falls in the background, “says therapist Liz Afron.

4. Live sex looks like sex in porn movies

Many believe this is true, because it is precisely such content that is their first insight into this world and they think everything looks as they see it in the movies.

“In porn movies everything is perfect, while in reality, things happen differently. In reality, it is very common for a person to get married and become one to go to the kitchen, someone to fall out of bed, someone else has a different job. There are many differences between films and reality, “says Afton.

5. Masturbation in a relationship means that your partner does not satisfy you

“It does not matter if you are in a relationship or are free, masturbation is a normal thing,” says sex therapist Janet Britto.

If you encounter a partner like masturbating or talking about it, it does not necessarily mean that he is not satisfied with you and your relationship, that is, you should not take it personally.


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