Drink of four ingredients for detoxification and weight loss


Proper nutrition plays a key role in weight loss, but detoxification is extremely important. A drink made from only four ingredients can be of great help in both cases.

Detoxification involves the process of purifying the blood in the liver where the toxins are processed to eliminate them from the body. There are a variety of beverages that promote detoxification and accelerate metabolism, ie, ensure good digestion and weight loss.

One of these drinks requires three carrots, 2-3 cm. fresh turmeric, two oranges and 1cm. ginger.

Peel the ginger peel and chop the root, then peel the carrot and place in a blender along with the orange slices. Shake until the mixture becomes slurry. You can add lemon to taste.

Carrot contains low calories and a lot of fiber, so it’s great for weight loss. Carrot juice stimulates fat burning.

Orange contains few calories, but it is rich in vitamin C and fiber that will keep you full for longer.

Hummingbird prevents obesity.

Curcuma has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces inflammation in the attenuation process.


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