Durex condoms shoot in the middle of sex, the company pulls them out of the market


If there are condoms from the manufacturer Durex through your pockets, it would be best to test their durability immediately, as the company says that several of the new deliveries are filled with condoms that shoot at a lower pressure.

Durex’s condoms have not passed the durability tests, so they have to be withdrawn from the market.

The leading branding brand for condoms, Durex, has already ordered their condoms to be withdrawn from the market after tests have shown that they show signs of cancellation and are easily fired during sex, especially at the end of their shelf life.

The retractable products come from the Durex Real Feel 12 series (shelf life until February 2021) and Durex Latex Free 18 (shelf life by January 2021).

The company says that all products of suspicious quality are removed from shelves in markets around the world, but appeals to buyers who own such condoms that they can go to the local market and replace them for free.

In the event of a trip to the condom during sex, it is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist for at least 72 hours after the occurrence.


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