Eternal dilemma: Do popcorns fade or not?  


Probably you repeatedly wondered if you can enjoy a portion of popcorn without a bit of conscience. According to the claims of experts

– Free. The popcorn does not really rub.

Popcorns are an excellent supplemental source of protein fiber, which today is lacking in nutrition. The average person injects between 10 and 15 grams of fiber per day into the body, which accounts for about half the amount needed to be administered during the day, which can cause serious health problems.

With the consumption of only 100 grams of popcorn per day, this deficiency can roughly be upgraded.

The good sides of the popcorn are the low percentage of sugars it contains, as well as the low levels of sodium and cholesterol, or saturated fats. By heating, the total antioxidative activity of popcorn is also increasing.

However, industrially processed popcorns are often overflowing with various additives of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, artificial flavors, enhancement flavors and high salt content, which in no way favors general health and the prevention of an increase in excess pounds.

So, popcorn does not fade, but only if you prepare them without oil or with a minimal amount, as well as without salt.


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