Five Tibetan exercises that provide health, vitality, and energy


Most of you are lazy when it comes to fitness and physical activity. But that doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym. You may find alternative ways to exercise and lose weight at home. The five Tibetan exercises are called the “fountain of youth.” What are the benefits to your body?

For these exercises, you will not need any expensive equipment, they are easy to do and most importantly they will not take much time.

These exercises are known as the “fountain of youth,” strengthening all the major muscles in the body and helping to maintain balance.

But in addition, the five Tibetan exercises also have many health benefits:

Relief from stress and stress
Improving flexibility
Relief from joint and back pain

They help in peaceful sleep
They improve memory
They revitalize the organs
They improve breathing
They increase libido

It is recommended to do them in the morning, as they increase energy in the body and speed up metabolism. It is best to do them on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

Always have an odd number of repetitions. Start with number 3, then increase the number by two reps each week. The goal is to reach 21 repetitions. When you reach 21 repetitions, go back to the beginning again.

Watch the video to see how these five simple and easy exercises are done.


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