Five wrong reasons for getting married


Finding a soul mate or person with whom we really want to spend the rest of our life is a rather romantic idea, but it remains a better option for these reasons for getting married, and which are unfortunately more common.

How do you avoid stereotypes and live your life according to your personal convictions, and not how others will say? These couple of wrong reasons for getting married may be the answer.

1. “We are together for a long time, so …”

Couples who are married only because they have been together for a long time, because this is the next logical step, often have a rather unfulfilled life.

2. “It’s time for us, the years are coming”

All your friends are married, and are you two in the years you need to marry? If the years are no factor when it comes to entertainment, why are they a factor when it comes to marriage?

3. “Everybody Expects It From Us”

The pressure from parents and friends may be strong, but that does not mean that you need to do something that may not be the clearest choice for you.

4. “My biological clock is typed”

The race with time must not become a race against what is really good for us.

5. “I will be financially concerned”

Unfortunately, finances are one of the most common reasons for getting married, but such marriages are rarely really happy.


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