Foods to be avoided before the baby’s first year


Once you begin to introduce flavors in the smallest, usually after six months of the baby, you need to know which foods are not recommended before the first year of the baby.

This small baby nutrition guide will help you get to know a baby with a particular type of food in a safer way.

1. Honey

It is not recommended to introduce baby honey under a year due to spores of Clostridium botulinum. They are not harmful to adults, but in babies can cause botulism. This serious rare fatal disease can cause constipation, poor appetite, lethargy and even pneumonia and dehydration. So, wait until the first birthday of the baby before giving him honey.

2. Cow’s milk

Under the age of one year, cow’s milk is not recommended due to difficulties with the digestive system. Cow’s milk does not have the necessary nutrients like iron and vitamin E needed for the baby to grow and develop during the first year of life, and which is found in breast milk or adulterous milk. Pediatricians recommend the introduction of dairy products of 8 months as yogurt or sour milk, young cheese and cheese.

3. Fruit juice

Fruit juices are full of sugars and calories, but not from those that are useful to babies. Breast milk or adapted are the best source of nutrition during the first year. Injecting too many juices can also cause damage to your teeth, diarrhea and other chronic stomach problems. The American Academy of Pediatricists recommends not giving fruit juice to babies below a year at all. But even after the first birthday, they recommend avoiding any juice before going to bed. If you choose to give the juice to the child, select a lightweight juiced water dropped.

4. Foods with sugars

Avoid foods with sugars in the baby’s diet before completing the year, especially chocolate that also contains caffeine. While enriching the baby’s flavor fund, avoid placing it in cereal fruits, give pure taste.

5. Smoked meat or similar groceries

Most of the smoked meat contains nitrates and other chemicals with high content of animal fat and sodium. The same is true for smoked fish.

6. Food with allergens

You must have heard that allergens such as peanuts, eggs, citrus fruits and strawberries should be avoided in the first year. But according to the new recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatricians, the baby should be introduced to these flavors before the year to protect against allergic reactions. However, it is best to first talk to the pediatrician before giving them a taste, especially if the family has a history of allergic reactions.


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