Forget about 69, the posture you should try is 77


Don’t worry, you don’t need acrobatic skills for this new hit pose.

Posture 69 is perhaps the most popular and famous because both partners meet at the same time, but Posture 77 is perfect for lazy morning sex and gives great pleasure with minimal effort.

This posture requires minimal movements and provides excellent stimulation for both men and women.

At post 77 both should lie down and look in the same direction, ie be in a spooning posture in which most couples sleep, so it is ideal to use this post in the morning.

The woman should join her legs for greater freedom of movement for the man in the back, but also for greater stimulation of the clitoris. The husband can also stimulate the partner with a free hand.

In this position, the man is most often active, but the woman can also be an active participant with slight knee movements.

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