Four morning shifts that will help you burn fewer calories


Many agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you make a few changes, you can make it the healthiest meal of the day.

Nutritionist Graham Tomlinson, known as The Fitness Chef, says changing morning dietary habits can result in significantly lower calorie intake.

He says that with a few simple changes you can avoid eating as much as 800 calories and speed up the weight loss process.

Here are some of his tips

Morning coffee

Graham advises that if you enjoy a flavored coffee, you better choose a large cappuccino. The caramel-flavored coffee contains as much as 346 calories, and the cappuccino has only 119 calories. With this simple tip you will avoid even 227 calories.


There is nothing better than starting your day with fresh pastry. However, you should be careful what kind of pastry you eat as it can vary enormously according to the number of calories. 60 gr. chocolate croissant contains 236 calories, and one croissant of 80 grams. contains 365 calories.


If you eat a chocolate muffin before lunch, you will burn 480 calories. In contrast, 50 gr. forest fruit, 200 gr. yogurt and two whole chocolate chip cookies contain only 227 calories.


Sweetened fruit juices are full of calories. Although they look healthy, half a liter of orange juice can contain 190 calories. Therefore, it is better to choose plain water that will speed up your metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and reduce your appetite.


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