From nature isolation: Tourist locations in China are crowded


Following the lifting of the curfew, people in China gathered at popular tourist sites during the holiday weekend, despite warnings from health officials that the coronavirus pandemic was not over.

Chinese media have published photos of Huangshan Mountain Park in Anhui Province. On Saturday, April 4, thousands of people, many of them in masks, thirsty for fresh air after months of isolation and restriction of movement, left their homes.

According to local authorities, the park has reached a capacity of 20,000 visitors. The brutal return to “normal” life comes more than three months after the first detection of the virus in Wuhan. From there began an epidemic that turned into a pandemic that infected more than a million people.

There are 82,641 deaths and 3,335 deaths in China. According to Chinese epidemiologist Zeng Guang of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the end of the epidemic in China is still unknown.

“China is not nearing the end, but it has entered a new phase. “According to the global epidemiological rankings, China has not yet reached the end.”


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