Heart, soul, kitten, dear – These words strengthen your relationship


If you usually turn your eyes when two in love will turn to one another with a name stuck or with a cute nickname like a darling, a dear, a heart, a kitten, a baby … you are not the only ones.

But this habit is more common among couples than you think, and it is also good for the relationship.

While others are irritated, couples who use mischief for each other become closer by virtue of what they call “heart”.

One recent online survey of the British Superdrug Online Doctor, which covered over 1,020 people aged 21 to 71, found that 87% of the respondents used or used a cute nickname when they addressed the desired person.

Using a nascent name or a cute nickname increases the satisfaction of the relationship in 16% of US respondents and 9% of European respondents.

Although in each country there are different words for this purpose, Americans lead in the number of names and how often they use them – 87% vs. 74% of respondents from Europe.

But are such names and nicknames unique to each partner?

The survey found that 44% of men and 36% of women who participated in the survey said they used the same name for more than one partner.

Stunted names are rarely used during sex rather than in an everyday context between partners.

In this regard, the husband is more likely to address “heart”, “soul”, “kitten” and the like during sex, than women.

23% of women never contacted this partner’s name in bed, compared to 21% of men.


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