How has coronavirus changed the fitness industry?


As the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus spreads, the fitness industry around the world is closing its gyms and adapting to the new reality. The changes have made fitness instructors creative and flexible before returning to work.

These changes have also hit the fitness industry, which in 2018 was worth $ 94 billion.

Some yoga studios offer free classes on Instagram. Fitness instructors post new videos on Instagram and YouTube channels. They conduct virtual training because teamwork while working remotely is very important.

Nearly 30,000 gyms and gyms are closed in the United States.

Coronavirus will significantly reduce the number of gyms in Europe and the United States. The same situation is in our country – all gyms are closed on the recommendation of the Government.

Many gyms create YouTube channels to entertain their customers. For example, the favorite HIIT studio Orange Theory shares 30-minute exercises on the YouTube channel every day.

There’s also fitness instructor Pamela Raif who shares great videos with easy and effective exercises.


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