How long does it take to take a vacation?


Although you feel that you might be on vacation forever, there are actually a number of days that are ideal for your health.

Seven to eleven days is the ideal duration of an annual holiday.

Namely, scientists from one university in Finland say that the specified length of rest is adequate to reduce the stress level of work that you carry with you when starting out on the road.

If you go on a vacation that lasts one or two days, in that case you do not have enough time to disengage from the working regime.

If you go for two weeks or longer, you slowly start to worry if work and work obligations are done while you are absent.

To truly relax and not to make your vacation boring, the ideal period is a week and a half.

“Vacations are the longest period of constant absenteeism and, hence, they are an ideal opportunity to relax in the right way. Our results show that flying improves general health and that this is most felt after the eighth day of the rest, “the study concludes.


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