How much is sex for one evening good for mental health?


Sex in a relationship improves the health of the cardiovascular system, reduces depression and improves immunity. But is the same when it comes to sex for one night?

Studies often associate occasional sexual intercourse with the care of a conscience, low self-esteem and psychological anxiety, especially in women. While men complain about sex they missed, women often complain about sex for one night.

This is confirmed by a research done on this topic in Canada. Men most often complain of physical reasons, for example because their partner is not attractive enough. The women expressed regret that they later repented and blamed themselves for agreeing to sex for one night.

The research has different definitions of sex for one night, from sex with a person you know less than 24 hours to a friend with privileges.

Some of these studies have shown that both men and women feel depressed, lonely and used after these meetings, and others have shown that this act causes more positive than negative emotions. Psychologists argue that sex for an evening can improve the general condition by increasing self-esteem, sexual satisfaction and feeling that you are loved.

Men and women experience sex differently one evening, but the ultimate conclusion is not to get involved in this if you want to see the same person again.


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