How much will parking in Vienna cost?


If you are planning to travel to Vienna in the New Year and do so with your own or rented car, you should know that from 1 January 2020, the price of parking tickets will increase.

In metropolitan areas where parking is allowed for two to three hours, you will pay five cents more for every 30 minutes.

The old parking cards with this year’s tariff can be replaced by July 2020. This change will not apply to drivers already subscribed to the predicted time zone.

The first 15 minutes of parking will still be free, the next 30 minutes will be charged € 1.10 and so on. For two hours in this parking area, you will pay a total of 4.40 euros.

The city of Vienna last year invested 88m euros in public parking and 6.4m euros in cycling, while 4.7m euros were invested in boosting traffic safety in the Austrian capital.


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