How often do women play orgasm?


Whatever the reason, new research reveals that three out of four women at some point in their lives have been having an orgasm and doing so every third time they have sex, writes Metro.

The study is published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior and covers 463 Britons with an average age of about 38 years.

According to the results, participants who showed an anti-feminist attitude throughout their lives starred in more orgasms, compared to feminists who did so less often. In addition, if a woman believes that she must have an orgasm in order for a man to feel good in bed, he is more likely to have an act of orgasm at least once.

“It may reflect indecision about honestly and openly communicating about sex, including sexual tendencies and difficulties in having an orgasm,” the study said.

It is important to note that this study was done on a smaller scale, but consider factors such as the sexual past and how easily women experience orgasms, as well as their view of false orgasms and whether infidelity was affected.

“Women who find it difficult to reach the top of pleasure and women who question their partner’s loyalty tend to have an orgasm,” said Dr. Emily Farsi, chief researcher at Queens University in Canada.


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