How often do you want sex women in marriage?


Although each marriage differs from the rest and there can be no comparison between the relationships in one couple and another, one recent survey gave interesting results about a very often asked question.

Apart from life responsibilities and problems, children and work, as well as time for yourself, it’s very difficult to preserve the perfect relationship with your partner or at least the best ideal condition you’ve been together.

It involves exchanging passions and expressing emotions. The survey conducted by 300 women answers the question: How often do women love marriage?

Almost 47%, or almost half of the respondents of different ages, said they had been in love with their partner once a week, and almost 10% had sex only twice a month.

What is more interesting about these results is not the answer to the question of how often they have sex, but how much they like. Namely – most women answer these figures.

“Married women who say they have sex with their partner once a week or twice a month have come to the conclusion that it suits them perfectly, and that is no rarity. The reason for this is the daily obstacles, stress, and obligations that can make sex more predictable and even boring.

Also, the research confirmed that the more rarely they were in love, the passion in women and the need for sex became smaller and smaller.

Neglecting passion and lack of intimacy, which in modern times is increasingly present among partners, often leads to adultery, and divorce between couples of any age.


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