How to get rid of the cold within 24 hours?


Sore throats and fatigue are a sign that the cold is coming. What do you need to do to get rid of it within 24 hours?

Start treating your symptoms as soon as you notice that you are not feeling well enough to heal as soon as possible.

7:00 am: Hot water shower

Showering with warm water can help clog the nose. Steam exfoliates the nose, and warm water relieves joint pain.

8:00 am: It’s time for vitamin C

Morning is good for a higher intake of vitamin C, says nutritionist Amanda Ursell.

Make an orange and kiwi fruit salad in combination with oatmeal. Avoid tea and coffee because it contains caffeine that dehydrates the body. Instead, drink a glass of fresh orange juice.

10:00 am: Inhalation

Inhalation relieves cough, sneezing and breathing problems.

12:00: Get up

It is best to stay home at the first symptoms of a cold.

Ideally, stay warm at home for the first symptoms of a cold. The nose is the first line of defense of the immune system, which contains antibodies that fight viruses, says Dr. Sarah Brewer. Stay home to prevent the spread of bacteria.

1 pm: Chicken for lunch

Hot chicken soup will help you feel good.

15:00: Nourishing the body

Drink tea, water, and freshly squeezed juices. It is extremely important to stay hydrated.

4 pm: Eat lobster

Brazilian nuts are a perfect way to boost immunity. They contain selenium which is important for immunity.

6 pm: Curry for dinner

Eat curry foods during the cold. Angry spices such as chili irritate the inside of the nasal cavity. It helps to expel the secretion that accumulates in the nose.

8 pm: It’s time for a tablet

The action of brufen will help you fall asleep better and prevent fever.

10 pm: It’s time to sleep

Bad sleep affects the immune system, so it slows down protein production. Sleep for eight hours to regenerate the body that is ready to fight the cold.


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