How to make the most delicious oysters in the oven?


These prepared “fried” potatoes are very delicious, and they are also much healthier than those you put in oil.

It is needed:

potatoes, a few egg whites, spices at will


– Peel the potatoes, wash them nicely and cut them into thin strips (as for fries). Dry them nicely with a slaughter.

– Proteins (how much protein you need depends on the amount of potatoes you want to bake), flush them nicely with a fork and add the spices to your taste.

– Dip the cut potatoes into the beaten squirrels and place them in a baking pan or just oiled.

– Place them in a heated oven at 220 degrees Celsius until they are repaired.

– During the baking process, the whites will make crunchy cranberries and will not be greasy at all.


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