How to prepare the sunscreen?


If you enjoy sunbathing and want the sunburn that unmistakably tells you that you have rested on the beach, you should properly prepare and protect the skin.

This is important not only because of the health of your skin, but also to keep it longer.

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First, get rid of the dead layer of skin. Start with mild peelings and gentle exfoliation a couple of weeks before you go on vacation so that the skin can have time to regenerate.

If you do not remove the surface layer of the skin, then you will lose your tone sooner because that layer of sunlight will fall faster, and you will have the unpleasant peeling of the skin.

Make a natural home-made peeling of three teaspoons of ground coffee, brown sugar, and coriander or olive oil, and with that mixture scrub the entire body. You will immediately feel the skin fresh. Treat this treatment once or twice a week and pay special attention to the elbows and heels. Rinse with warm water.

Feed the skin

After getting rid of the “winter gown”, moisten the skin to maintain its elasticity and resistance.

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Avoid plates, greasy face creams, and body with which you will only close the pores. Choose lightweight, moisturizing textures with nutrients and antioxidants, like aloe, chamomile, marigold.

Before going to bed, you can use natural oils, such as argan, jujube or apricot seeds.


Skin, face, neck, décolleté and hands should be protected daily with an SPF-protected cream, preferably 30.

When it comes to sunbathing, the factor should be 50 and do not save on layers and regular application of the cream while sunbathing, especially if you enter the water.

After 30 years of forgetting the oils for sunbathing, your skin needs more protection and care.


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