How to protect passengers from a secondary strike in an accident?


Hyundai is working on an airbag system that will allow them to reactivate, to protect passengers from additional collisions after the initial impact.

According to data from the US National Traffic Safety Agency, in approximately 30% of the registered traffic accidents that occurred in the period from 2000 to 2012, vehicles suffered a secondary blow after the initial.

This means that after the first impact in a vehicle or obstacle, the vehicles had contact with secondary objects, such as a tree, an electric pillar, other vehicles, and the like.

Unlike current airbag systems that do not provide protection against such secondary shocks, the Hyundai system will enable their re-activation at the moment of the secondary impact of the vehicle.

The Korean company says the technology on which the new airbag system is based monitors the position of the occupants in the vehicle after the initial impact and allows the pads to react again in the event of a secondary strike and thus prevent new injuries to the driver and / or passengers .

Hyundai Motor Group will offer the innovative airbag system in future Hyundai and Kia brands, when their development is complete, but the manufacturer does not provide a timeline when it would be realized.


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