How to reduce the percentage of body fat?


If you want a slender figure and you want to do this once and for all, it’s time to focus on reducing the percentage of body fat in favor of muscles.

Our body needs both fat cells to protect the organs, joints and participate in the synthesis of hormones, and the loss of too much fat can be dangerous because it endangers the immunity and the uninterrupted functioning of the body.

The average woman has between 21 and 33 percent fat, but this also varies. In women who professionally deal with sports, the percentages range from 14 to 20.

If you want to reduce body fat, you should keep in mind that there is not one specific type of training that suits everyone. Everything depends on what type of building you have. Let’s say that you are generally not fat, but the ratio of fat and muscle mass is not good, great results will give you a workout for strength. But if you have an excess of pounds and you have a good share of muscle mass, you will initially progress more quickly if you devote to conditioning training.

If you have never exercised regularly, initially there will be enough two to three trainings per week, but if you are in shape and want to reduce the percentage of fat you will have to do more – at least five times a week.

Except for exercise, you need to take care of the diet. Pure protein, good healthy fats and vegetables. Avoid processed food, sugar and alcohol.

If you stick to too restrictive diet, except fat, you will lose muscle.

If you’re thinking of eating carbohydrates, it can be good, but also bad, depending on the type of construction and the sensitivity of the body to the insulin. Some people are advised to be slim, while others are cramped if they do not consume carbohydrates.

Do not throw out fat completely, but hold on healthy fats – nuts, avocados, olive oil, fish …

When can you expect results? Well, if you exercise regularly and stick to a healthy diet, you can hope that you lose about 0.8% body fat per week.

But before you decide to make drastic changes in diet and lifestyle, consult a doctor.


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