How to win a wine drunken hangover?


They say wine is a gift from the gods. But too much of this gift and the next day you will swear by all the gods. Here are eight steps that can help you beat the hangover of your wine adventure.

Wake up early
It may sound counterproductive, but waking up early is essential for quick recovery. Vigilance speeds up metabolism, and it helps speed up the recovery process. If you get up early, you can then enjoy an afternoon nap. Get up early and take the following steps:

Water, water, water, and more water
The most important thing you can do is drink water. First, drink two glasses of water. You can also take a headache pill if you have a headache and are likely to have it. But don’t take more than one. And keep up with water throughout the day, is crucial for the hydration of the body.

Take a short run (or longer walk)
Be sure to run for 10-15 minutes. If you are not very physically active then take a half-hour walk. To move the bloodstream and expel toxins through sweating.

Take a shower
Enter the bathroom, but turn off the lights, or if it is daytime try to darken as much as possible. Do not shower with hot water, try as cold as possible, normally not to such an extent to keep you cool. Showering won’t hydrate you, but it will wake you up better than anything. Do not use too much fragrant shampoo or soap.

Avoid alcohol and fatty foods
Eat cereal or protein cocktails, and for lunch salad and soup. Try not to eat fatty foods as it will tire your already tired body. Your drunken brain will tell you that you need pancakes, chips, a burger, but believe me, after so much wine, this is not what you need. Do not even think about alcohol, it was enough for you.

Relax with soothing music
Music has been shown to relax and relieve stress. Your body now needs exactly that. Make a playlist of songs that calm you down, but don’t play too loud. You have to listen to headphones because there is nothing constantly distracting and your brain will focus solely on soothing notes.

Sleep for half an hour
At certain times of the day, you will feel overly tired. Don’t force yourself, allow yourself a nap. Drink a glass of water and lie down. But remember, a half-hour is enough.

Promise that you will drink moderately from now on
True wine lovers are not alcoholics. They drink often but enjoy the taste of wine by drinking moderately. Find your limit so you won’t have such lost days in the future.


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