How will the coronavirus vaccine work?


The World Health Organization has announced that at least 20 coronavirus vaccines are in development. Every vaccine for coronavirus will need to be available to everyone, the organization said.

WHO is working with scientists around the world to develop the vaccine. And while COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and doctors are advising on isolation measures to stop the spread, many wonder when the deadly coronavirus vaccine will be developed.

In this video you will see a brief history of the vaccine, where the first vaccine originated and how important the immunity it has gained against viral diseases and the effectiveness of the vaccine against diseases. That is, how vaccines warn the immune system to recognize the threat and react when the real threat occurs.

We have previously published a study of genomic sequence analysis of the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19. The virus has 80% to 90% the same genetic material as SARS, a virus known since 2003. This information will definitely be of great help to scientists developing the vaccine, which requires three stages of development. The first stage is safety, the second stage is efficacy and the third stage is the expansion of the disease. This means that this will take quite a long time for the side effects not to occur. It is still unclear what the effects of COVID-19 will be on those who have contracted the virus and have contracted the disease.

The good news is that Russia has already completed the first phase of development, and the vaccine should be ready for use in 11 months.

For more details on the coronavirus vaccine, check out this interesting AsapSCIENCE video.


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