In Vienna, there will be a street that regulates the air temperature


By the end of the year, the first street project in Vienna will be completed to allow air temperature regulation.

Vienna has begun a pilot project on Ziglergasse Street in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city, Nuebau.

The reconstruction of the street, the greening of the area, the installation of a cooling system, the installation of drinking water fountains – will increase the quality of life of the residents in this neighborhood.

“Last summer was one of the hottest in history. The consequences of climate change are increasingly felt by residents of this neighborhood, but also by all residents of Vienna. “

Neubau, Vienna

“With this project, we want to resist the extremely high temperatures. The first street in Vienna provides temperature regulation and is an example of creating a natural cold that will make the warm days more tolerable, “said Mayor Marcus Reiter.

The strategy of a “smart” city in Vienna has been adopted since 2012 and its aim is to consume as little natural resources as possible, thereby enhancing the quality of life of citizens.


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