Job Link: Why do we fall in love with colleagues?


If your working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm or any other term of eight hours, the chances are that you spend more time with colleagues than with friends, roommates, family or partner.

Some studies show that it is necessary for a person to spend 200 hours to consider as a friend, so it will not be surprising if we form a closer relationship with some of our colleagues.

About 17% of people have a “partner at work”, that is, a person with whom they are very close, to whom they write, talk about work, but also about other everyday things and personal life.

Some of these relationships may become more intimate, according to a 2014 survey conducted in neighboring Serbia, almost 50% of respondents reported having had a relationship with a colleague or colleague.

An average person passes at least 1,680 hours a year in the workplace, which means that you spend more time with colleagues than with anyone else. With one of them, you can develop sympathy larger than the common interests and the pleasant company.

Everyday passing time together gives us the opportunity to see these people in a different edition, but also to get to know them better.

This means that you have the opportunity to see how they respond to stressful situations when faced with a problem, when they are under pressure, how they relate to others …

The fact that we spend a lot of time with colleagues can help us “lower the guard” and allow the other to get to know us, which is beneficial for developing a romantic familiarity.

In some companies, it is strictly and clearly stated by the management that the romantic relationships between colleagues in the firm are forbidden. But even if there is no such official ban, people still rarely decide to start a relationship with someone, and when they do, they do not say.

Fearing condemnation and different treatment from the rest in the workplace, 76% of people who had a relationship with a colleague or colleague hid it, and 10% of these cases ended up in marriage.

There are still reasons why people do not decide to start a relationship at work or decide to hide it: they are afraid to disrupt their reputation if the relationship is over will be uncomfortable to work with the former partner, it will be harder to get sick and similar.


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