Mercedes introduced new cars


   Mercedes presented the special cars for Lewis Hamilton and Walter Botas just before the German Grand Prix.

The race in Hockenheim will be a jubilee 200 F1 race for Mercedes, which celebrates 125 years of participation in various motorsport activities.

The Mercedes-Benz in Hockenheim has announced a major improvement for the F1 W10, which includes a new chassis, a new cooling system, and new aerodynamic parts, and the 125th anniversary will be marked with new colors.

“Without white color, the metal sheet metal on the car was exposed by giving it a silvery look. That’s how the silver arrow was born, “said Mercedes.

The first training for the Grand Prix of Germany starts tomorrow at 11 o’clock, and the second one also tomorrow but noon at 3 pm. Saturday is scheduled for the third training at 12 o’clock and the qualifications at 15 o’clock, and the race starts on Sunday at 15 o’clock and 10 minutes.


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