Mummy sons are more successful in life


Harvard University has published a study of what makes men happy. The conclusion that is imposed is that “Mummy Wives” are much more successful at work and earn better than other men who did not have such a close relationship with their mothers in childhood.

The survey was followed by 268 men from a range from young to old. Tests were done every two years and without a doubt is one of the longest and most detailed studies of human development in history.

The difference in the salary of the mother’s sons and those remaining is on average $ 87,000 per year. The study proved that men who had a close relationship with mothers were more successful in their careers than they did over the years. In addition, in those who had a bad relationship with the mother in childhood, the risk of dementia in the later years was increased. When it comes to father, there is no relationship to business success and relationship. The good bond between the son and the father in life is manifested through a higher degree of satisfaction in life.

An interesting conclusion to one part of the study is that men who consume more alcohol are most unhappy, with a higher degree of mortality, divorce, depression and anxiety. Liberal men practice more sex, and most importantly, the high IQ is not associated with a high salary.

Ultimate conclusion of Dr. George Wailant is that love for success is vital in life.

“After 75 years and $ 20 million invested in the study, we made one conclusion. Luck is hiding in love. Luck is love. Point, “he says.


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