Neymar returns to Barcelona, ​​PSG gives him discount only to get rid of him


Who (doesn’t) love Neymar?

PSG has said it wants to sell Neymar at a great discount, and this information has thrilled Barca to a return to the Brazilian, reports ESPN and reveals how much the French club is seeking from the Spanish club to return the star they bought. from him the summer of 2017.

PSG then paid € 222m for Neymar, making him the highest paid player of all time and now he is ready for a huge loss to get rid of. An ESPN source says PSG have already informed Barca that they will sell Neymar for € 150m.

Despite Neymar being in good shape and years (28) and having scored 69 goals and 39 assists in just three seasons in the PSG, sporting director Leonardo wants to settle with him so he can be in the budget and hierarchy of team to make room for the new highest paid and greatest star – Kilian Mbape.

PSG are reportedly preparing a new deal for the excellent MBAPE who removed Neymar from the throne and has become the brand’s new face. Mbape’s contract expires in 2022, and Real are keen on him, and PSG offer him a new deal of 50m euros a year.

Neymar is paying around 35m euros, and with bonuses last year PSG paid him between 55m and 60m euros. Given that for Mbapé it would be the basic salary that would be much more than bonuses, two such huge budget burdens would not be feasible even for the richest clubs in the world.

The Brazilian ace would not tolerate anyone other than Messi to have a higher salary than him. Neymar last year literally repented in tears that in 2017 he begged PSG to save him from “slavery” in Barca and from the shadow of Messi where he would now return without thinking, even as he said, at a reduced salary than that he earns in Paris.

However, PSG then remained adamant that it would not sell Neymar to Barcelona for less than the amount he paid for it, and Barca could not afford to sell the club for € 200m only for damage and Griseman. returned Neymar for more than he paid for these two.


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