Omar: After Trump’s tweeting, I get death threats


Democrat member Ilhan Omar, a member of the US Congress, today said he was getting more and more death threats after US President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter that she denies that the 2011 attack in New York was terrorist.

“It endangers lives and must stop,” Omar said, accusing Trump of encouraging right-wing extremism.

She added that violent crimes and other acts of hatred of right-wing extremists and white racists were violated in the US and the world.

– We can no longer ignore encouraging the highest official in the country. We are all Americans, Ilhan Omar said.

Her statement follows after House House member Nancy Pelosi said she had taken steps to secure the member of Congress and urged Trump to remove the video.

Shortly after Pelosi’s statement, the video has been removed as a twittered Twitter, but has not been deleted.

However, Nancy Pelosi announced that he will continue to follow threats against Omar and urged Trump not to encourage such behavior.

Trump released a video in which Omar told the September 11, 2001 attacks that “some people did something” there.


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