Oral sex treats women


Scientists have found that taking seminal fluid strengthens the immune system of pregnant women

Sex is not just a physical act with which we reproduce. It is a whole cascade of emotions and feelings, leading the body to a state of ecstasy and social Communicative excitement. In addition, sex is the perfect means to unlock all senses.

Hundreds of studies have shown the benefits of sex for both genders. New research claims that one of the fantasies of men appears to be useful for the health of women. It’s about swallowing sperm.

Dutch researchers have done research on the history of pregnancy and sexual habits of 234 women. 97 of them suffered from recurrent spontaneous abortions – a condition diagnosed in a woman with three or more spontaneous abortions. It is believed that this affects up to 1% of women. The exact reasons for this pathology have not been established, but scientists point to the impact of genetics, hormones or infections.

Oral sex can reduce the risk of recurrent miscarriages, according to a new study. His authors believe that the partner’s swallowing swelling fluid strengthens the immune system of pregnant women and increases the chances of the fetus for normal development. It is possible for the seeds to contain hormones and proteins from the male body that are very useful for the mother and her immunity.

At the same time obtaining semen fluid through traditional vaginal sex can also be useful to prevent spontaneous abortion, but the greatest effect is through removals because it enters directly into the stomach.


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