Points of excitement: Capricorns love Sado-Mazo, Shooters sex in the open


How to Combat the Passion of Your Partner? Perhaps his zodiac sign can give you the right direction in which you need to think.

The best way to find out what excites your partner is to ask him and openly talk about sex with him. If you need warming, make sure your horoscope sign will reveal what is its point of excitement.


Men are generally visual creatures, and this is especially true for the representatives of this zodiac sign. You will not make a mistake if you surprise your partner with sexy lingerie, and it will not hurt if you make a small show for him.


Sensual Bulls will most easily be taken with food: eat strawberries with whipped cream, sprinkle with each other with chocolate overflow, and sometimes the only aroma is enough – lubricate it with vanilla odor.


Play a voice! The twins thrill the partner’s satisfaction, especially if they can hear it. Share your sexual fantasies whispering them in your ear.


To enjoy themselves fully, the Crustaceans must indulge completely. Put a veil on his eyes and treat him with pleasure that he will not forget his body or his mind.


Powerful and self-confident Lions are open to their sexuality and desires. Play with his testicles and discover a new level of excitement with him.


The virgins, famous perfectionists, enjoy discovering new skills. Self-satisfaction in front of him and show him what you need to enjoy. He will gladly learn and want to repeat the lesson learned.


Men in this sign are romantics and want intimate experiences without big gestures. Be gentle in your every move and get the affection of these generous lovers.


Men Scorpio is one of the darkest and most mysterious, and this also applies to their sex life. Agree to any new sexual experience, but first, ask yourself before you start.


Get rid of your inhibition and surprise it with sexy behavior outdoors – on the beach, on the roof of a building, in a meadow … These exhibitionists will explode out of passion!


If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, saddo- mazo games can open up a whole new world of sexual enjoyment for you and your partner Capricorn. Of course, you should be properly informed and prepared for any experimentation.


Aquariums are freaky, unpredictable and sometimes seem to live in their own world. But when it comes to sex, they are fully present and dedicated and expect it from their partner. With Aquarius, you need to be present every second and see it in your eyes. That will make him crazy!


Maybe this will sound like a cliche, but take it under the shower. We will not lie to you, sex in the shower can be extremely complicated (read: slippery) experience, but do not exclude oral sex from the sex menu.


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