Ryan, 8, earned $ 22 million in one year through YouTube


Ryan, 8, who talks about children’s toys on his YouTube channel, earned $ 22 million in just one year and became the biggest star on this video platform, at least when it comes to earnings.

Forbes magazine estimates that little Ryan from the Ryan ToysReview channel earned $ 500,000 more than Jake Paul for the past 12 months, making him the highest grossing earner for 2018.

He often posts videos on his channel almost every day. In just one day, his videos collect one million (and sometimes more) reviews, and the videos themselves are filled with ads targeted to children, which bring Ryan a huge income. In the second place, Yuberbie with the highest earnings is the controversial Jake Paul, while in the third place are the guys from the DudePerfect channel.

What’s best for the little Ryan is that his earnings are not tax-deductible or pay for lawyers, which means that every dollar of this amount goes directly to his pocket, or in this case, in his parents’s pocket. His earnings doubled compared to last year.

The channel was created by his parents in 2015, and so far he has collected 16.3 follow-ups and over 26 billion views. Forbes says that only one million of his earnings so far does not come from ads that are shown during the video.


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