Seven male features that appeal to women


Men with these qualities will always be at the merits of finding love.

No matter what most men think, women are not so complicated creatures at all. Although sometimes it seems that only bad guys fall, there are features that most adult ladies appreciate.


No woman loves pathological liars, but they do not want even those who are paying to say that they came out with beer friends because they fear that she will get upset. Sincerity is always appreciated.


This is a feature that men often try to squeeze out, so they only make things worse. But women do not expect movie scenes (at least not all). Sometimes it’s enough to call her for a walk or in the morning to make a coffee.

They know how to listen

Communication is a two-way activity. Except what you say, sometimes you need to know and listen. No one wants to feel like talking to him on the wall. Therefore, women want men who know how to listen to them.

Sense of humor

Women attract men with a great sense of humor and those who easily smile. But this does not need to be enforced.


Such men simply radiate something that women can not resist.


An independent and responsible man who is able to take care of himself, knows how to save and not waste his earnings on unnecessary things is more desirable than the one who just boots with his high salary.


Women need a man who will be supportive even when they themselves do not believe in themselves. Perhaps he is the first person to call you when your car is spoiled. Or when you scoff with the best friend. Or when you have a hard day at work. A person who unselfishly supports you is the man you want to keep in your life.


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