Sex Tips: How To Continue Enjoying For Longer?


Want to enjoy sex longer? Have you talked to your partner about it?

There is a lot of research about how much sex lasts on average, but it’s mostly research that measures the length of the sexual act from the moment of penetration to the culmination of one, or (rarely) the two partners at the same time, and we all know that sexual experience and enjoyment are consists of much more than that.

There is much less data on the length of sex when considering foreplay, oral sex, mutual masturbation, and penetration. But even if we have all this information, how long does sex go up compared to the quality of sex?


However, if you want to continue sexual pleasure, you need to answer the question: “What is the ideal time that will satisfy you, that is, you and your partner?”

In fact, surveys and statistical averages are “a comparable trap,” says Megan Fleming, Ph.D., who has a sex and communications counseling in New York.

“It’s about what works for you, in your relationship,” she says.

Sex therapists for premature ejaculation count ejaculation less than two minutes after the first generation, says Dr. Fleming.

From the Mayo Clinic offer a definition with slightly different parameters: Premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates earlier during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like.

“If both partners are satisfied with the duration of sex then there is no cause for concern – after all, sex is much more than penetration. How important is the penetration for the culmination of enjoyment? Do you or your partner / partner experience orgasm during penetration or through oral or manual pleasurable? “, Asks Dr. Fleming.

If both partners want sexual pleasure to last longer, there are several things you can try.

Dr. Fleming shares these strategies in two groups: physical and psychological.

The physical category includes masturbation exercises with which a husband will investigate his sexual experience and learn which speed, dynamics or position allows him greater delay in the moment of ejaculation.

For women, when it comes to prolonging vaginal sex, sometimes the problem is in insufficient humidity. For your, but also for its extended enjoyment, experiment with lubricants and find the one that suits you best both.

The psychological side of sex is very important for the duration of the enjoyment.

In addition to switching to certain psychological barriers to trying out new poses and types of sex, think about sharing fantasies or applying sexy conversations or playing roles.

Openness in conversation about sex and enjoyment is of great importance for the quality of sexual experience. You may not be happy with the duration of sex because in your relationship the act ends when a man ejaculates. You may want to try new poses or want or do not want to be touched on certain parts of your body during sex. You may need additional stimulation during penetration to achieve orgasm.

All these “obstacles” can be overcome by open and frank conversation with your partner / partner.

Dr. Fleming emphasizes that testing new things and experimenting should not end on the first attempt unless they are a problem for one of the partners.

Verbal stimulation can also greatly help prolonging and improving sexual experience – tell the voice that is what excites you during sexual act, give encouragement, say direction, pace … enjoyment will be greater for both.


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