Sexual enjoyment: The centimeter is still important


Surely you have heard many times that the figure in centimeters is not important when it comes to sex, but we will have to convince you. It’s about centimeters in height.

The study, conducted by Body Logic MD, revealed that high men enjoy significantly more sex than low men.

These are men who are higher than their partners and are higher than 175 centimeters.

Women who are higher than 168 centimeters have also reported more positively about sexual enjoyment than those lower. Men below 175 centimeters and women below 168 centimeters said they were not satisfied with most of their sexual experiences and complained that they had low self-esteem.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 respondents of different height and they were asked questions about whether they had preferences for the height of the partners, as the height affects their emotional state and self-esteem.

Senior respondents showed a significantly higher level of self-esteem and greater emotional stability, and thus greater satisfaction with sexual encounters.

Men generally agreed that they want women who are lower than them, and women prefer higher men. 175 centimeters is the ideal height of a man for a sexual partner, said the women.


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