Six bugs that ruin your car


Being a car owner is not easy. Care must be taken for him, so that dreams do not turn into a nightmare. Many people, knowingly or unconsciously, make mistakes in the relationship to their car, that is, they do not give him the necessary care, and each omission returns like a boomerang.

In addition, read about the six most common mistakes that owners are destroying their cars:

1. Ignoring the “Check engine” indicator

Ignoring the “Check engine” indicator is not a random error that occurred today, and will never appear from tomorrow. Whenever it is activated, it is necessary to pay attention, because ignoring can lead to an expensive repair.

2. Instant replacement of engine oil and filters

Engine oil for the engine is like the blood for the human body. It is crucial for the proper operation of the vehicle, so it is not recommended to exceed the factory-prescribed period for its replacement. Many believe that it is only important that the car has enough engine oil, while not taking into account that over time, the oil’s ingredients lose their effect. Replacing the filters is also significant because the filter prevents dirt from penetrating into the vital parts of the car.

3. Do not take care of the condition of the tires

Lack of money is the most common excuse why many people do not care about the age and the condition of the tires, but only focus on the depth of the profile. It is always important to keep in mind that the whole car is in contact with a base, which is only a few centimeters from the ground. The driving safety depends very much on the condition of the tires, and the tire condition is directly related to the age, depth of the profile and correct pressure.

4. Skipping the service life of the vehicle

The car maker, the schedule for when to carry the car of the service makes it for a reason, so any improvisations are not good. Engineers who are engaged in developing an individual car model are well aware of the shelf life of a particular section, so if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to stick to what they have prescribed.

5. Bad hygiene in the car

We know that cleanliness is half the health, so the same applies to cars. It is very important to remove all particles in time, which could damage the car in some time. This is especially true for detailed washing after winter conditions.

6. You are an inattentive driver

Regardless of the conditions on the streets, we should always treat the car with respect and respect. All the sudden moves, unnecessarily sharp braking, blows in high speed holes and the like, are moves that unnecessarily increase the consumption of all vital parts, that is, cause permanent damage to the car. The differences can be such that a car with 100,000 kilometers traveled can be in a much worse condition than the same model, which is in good and conscientious hands, and has spent 300,000 kilometers.


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