Stars Reveal: What mistakes do you make in bed?


We all have our own skills when it comes to sex, but sometimes our partners do not tell us what we’re doing wrong so as not to hurt our feelings.Communication is important in every segment of the relationship, including sex, but if your partner does not tell you where you are wrong, maybe the stars will direct you in the right direction to improve themselves.


You do not give partners the recognition they deserve. You think that every sex should be a dangerous adventure, and if that does not happen immediately, you “write off” it as boring. You have to learn to appreciate the small things and to encourage the moves of partners.


You are patient, so foreplay can last for more than an hour. But rarely anyone is so patient. Occasionally abandon the “sex”, it will be exciting for both of them.


You must stop lying to yourself and your partner that sex for you is just a naive fun, even when you have deep feelings for the other. Do not be afraid of the truth, and put your soul together, not just the body.


Too much concern for your partner’s feelings. It’s great that you want to satisfy the other, but you need to take care of your own pleasure. Do not be afraid to say when you do not like something.


You enjoy when you give pleasure to the other and you do not have a problem with running the game and ending the whole action. From time to time, leave the “main word” to the other – try to leave control and be the recipient of the enjoyment, you will surely like it.


You do not really want to try new things. For you, the bed is the only place for sex and you have two poses and three strokes that turn them around in a circle. You do not have to play the exhibitionism, but try to at least relax in another room in the apartment, try a new pose, sexy lingerie, something new …


You are overly questionable. You look great and dressed naked and your partner shares the same opinion. Forget your insecurities and indulge yourself in the enjoyment. If you need encouragement, do not be embarrassed to ask for it.


Take care of what you are talking about during sex, because sometimes you make it uncomfortable to others. What is sexy for you, maybe it’s offensive to someone. If you want more adventurous sex, carefully select partners.


You should focus less on orgasm, and more to enjoy at the moment. Do not fantasize, focus on the person in front of you and what is happening now and here.


You are too predictable. Your partners know which pose you will take before you think about it. Try to get out of the routine a bit and refresh the moves.


At least once take the action in your own hands. When you see the satisfaction in the eyes of your partner, you will see that it is sometimes better to have control and to guide the action.


Sex for you is a great thing, you want an intimate atmosphere and devote more attention to touches and kisses than to the sexual act itself. Let yourself be sometimes “wild”, get rid of your inhibitions and just enjoy.


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