Symbols used by thieves to rob one another


Some of you may have noticed some symbols near the front door and you may have heard that they were set up by potential thieves. But did you know that they have a whole alphabet to communicate with?

Criminals strategically place these symbols in places that are hardly noticeable. They are usually small, about 1 cm, and are drawn with chalk, pen, ink or spray. You can expect the markings on the wall near the bell or the front door, especially if there are already other patterns, the mailbox, the fence, under the towel or if it is a yard house around the flowers.

It is advisable not to share the alarming situation with other tenants as everyone is suspected. If you notice strange markings near your home, take a picture, alert authorities, clear the mark to let the thief know that you know his plans, think about changing your locks, and possibly install cameras, alarms or other security devices.

We’re not sure to what extent these signs are used in our area, but some of the simpler ones can certainly be seen on the walls of apartment buildings.

Take a look at the list and be better prepared if you notice a similar or similar sign near your home, which should at least cause you to suspect something is not right.

  • Come back soon
  • Already robbed

3.Woman alone

4. Police nearby

5. Watch out for the dog

6. Uninhabited habitat

7. Can be hacked

8. On vacation

9. On vacation

10. Children alone in the morning

11. Only women live here

12. Only women live here

13. Very good

14. Don’t even try

15. There is nothing interesting

16. Empty in July and August

17. Use a crane

18. Opens with a saw

19. Wealthy owners


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