Tattoos on the ear: Wonderful, but very painful


  Putting a tattoo anywhere on the body is a big decision and great responsibility.

Whether your first or one hundred and first tattoos are the same, precautions are the same, but there is a difference in which part of the body you put your tattoo in the face of pain.

Tattoo artists say tattoos on the ear are becoming more popular, but also one of the most painful to do. The skin on this part of the body is very sensitive and is very close to the bone (for the same reasons, similar pains, and an ankle tattoo).

Given how painful the tattoo application is, tattoo artists, make more breaks while working, no matter how complicated the design is.

If you decide to wear a tattoo this summer, it is recommended 24 hours before you sit on a stool in a tattoo salon not to drink aspirin because this medicine increases bleeding.

See more about tattoo care after you take a look at the video of the tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.


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