The biggest mistake women make when they feel neglected in a relationship or marriage


Feeling neglected and lonely? Do you feel that you are not as important to your partner as at the beginning of a relationship or marriage? Do you miss his attention? Do not rush to conclusions. Reduced attention doesn’t have to be a sign that your partner has cooled off for you, has another or plans to leave you.

The biggest mistake women make in such a situation is to blame. Don’t do this before you find out what your partner is dealing with. It may be stress at work, an illness, problems with parents or other family members, or a close friend.

Experts point out that if you blame him for certain behavior, you don’t give him a chance to tell his side of the story. For the same reason, he won’t even want to trust you. Even if you accuse him of starting something else without any evidence of it, it could only move him even more emotionally away from you.

Be compassionate, give him the opportunity to speak, listen to what he has to say, and allow him to explain what diminished attention is. Only then can you assess how you should react.

Many relationships in the relationship forget that they cannot rely solely on their partner to feel special, attractive and successful. So be yourself in the first place, learn how to please yourself, commit to your mental health, and then be able to deal with any challenges in your relationship or marriage.


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