The color of the pants you currently wear reveals outrageous things for you


The color you inspire reveals what your man is waiting for in bed!

Nearly 72 per cent of women opt for colors that do not bounce off much of the color of the body.

The red color of the pants means that the girl is not shy, white that she is ready to hear, and she is pink that she does not want to take on the main role among the sheets.

More girls discover underwear that hides very little. Colors at the end of the spectrum, that is, red, orange and yellow, create a sense of excitement, and they can also increase our blood pressure, heart rate and accelerate breathing.

And the brains hide a certain message …

A small bra with a color of skin shows that the woman stands firmly on the ground, she is secure, relaxed, and hides nothing. Red indicates energy and passion. Such a woman is not ashamed to seek what she wants. The black bra of a woman reveals a strong personality, passionate, but also subtle. The white bra is a sign of innocence, but also openness for suggestions and a desire to learn.


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