The craziest superstitions that you must know before traveling to these countries


The best travel experiences are getting to know different peoples, cultures and ways of life, local customs, rituals, and superstitions.

Read these craziest superstitions before you schedule your next trip, as it can offend your hosts or make you feel distressed due to lack of information.


In India, you must not shout someone who has already come out of the house to come back to tell him something you’ve forgotten. Superstition says it will bring a man’s misfortune.


Many Italians believe that number 17 is VIXI anagram which means “I lived”, which is a symbolic way of predicting death.

That’s why Italians are avoiding to travel on the 17th day of the month and are generally afraid of this date as Americans are afraid of Friday 13.


For the Chinese, the number to be avoided is 4. Many buildings avoid the numbering of the fourth floor, so the elevator will take you directly to the fifth.


The Russians have one custom to sit on a suitcase to go on a trip because they believe it will bring them happiness. Otherwise …


If a Norwegian man says “yes, twi”, that means he throws you a “curse” with which he wants you all the best so as not to do anything bad on the way.

great Britain

While in the United States, black cats are considered a sign of an accident, the UK is considered to be a real happiness if a black cat “breaks” the road.


The Japanese think that if your pillow is facing north, it shortens your life, so do not be surprised at the layout of the beds and pillows in the room when you go to Japan.


Like the Indians, the Portuguese do not want to go back. Whatever they forget, they do not return the same way they came from because they think that they “call the devil”.


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