The desktop version of WhatsApp will offer a video call for 50 people SOFTWARE


WhatsApp intends to become a serious competitor to the Zoom and Skype platforms.

It will soon provide a joint video call for 50 participants, but on the desktop version. When WhatsApp introduces the new feature, it will become an alternative to Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. The new option is seen in the beta version of WhatsApp Web, and the menus in the WhatsApp menu point to the recently introduced Facebook Messenger Rooms service where you can create a room and invite people to participate, or create a room directly through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently received a major update and now supports video calling for eight participants in the mobile version, but the mentioned new features allow more users to be called if necessary.

The feature will be available on devices running iOS and Android operating systems, but specifically desktop support is a viable replacement for existing similar services.

When Messenger Rooms appeared in April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that it was possible to support WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Port, but now it seems that this will happen much earlier than expected, although the exact date is not known, the


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