The first baby was born of a rare type of rhinoceros conceived by artificial insemination


An infant from a rare species of Indian Rhinoceros was born at the Miami Zoo, the first baby of this type conceived by artificial insemination.

The baby, whose gender is not yet known, was born on Tuesday and is in good health.

This is the first cub in the seven-year-old Akuti who was born at the Safari Park San Diego Park in January 2012.

This type of rhinoceros is considered rare and endangered, and it is thought that there are only 3,000 Indian rhinos around the world.

Akuti’s conception was impossible in nature, and reproductive health experts from the South East Zoo Alliance for Reproductive and Conservation (SEZARC), who specialize in endangered species, were called.

Adult individuals of this type weigh from 1,800 to 2,700 kg.

Zoo employees plan to isolate the mother’s calf in order to fix the sex and make a checkup, and then return it back so they can develop the mother-child relationship.

The public will not have access to them in the first few weeks, but can monitor the progress of the baby rhinoceros on Facebook.

This is the second successful baby-born baby cub in the Miami Zoo.


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