The first electric Harley-Davidson arrives in August this year


Harley-Davidson today brings us very important news for their future: the legendary motorcycle maker has already begun to receive orders to buy their first electric model, called LiveWire.

The new LiveWire has already begun to sell, and the delivery of motorcycles will begin in autumn. Its price will be $ 29,799, which is not cheap at all, but it’s still understandable since it’s a Harley-Davidson model.

The price is significantly higher than on any other electric motorcycle on the market. Zero, the company that is called “Tesla for Motorcycles”, sells the Zero S model starting at $ 10,995, and something more powerful model Zero SR costs $ 16,495. Of course, they will not offer you Harley Davidson’s 116-year experience, but will save you more than ten thousand dollars.

Harley also released part of the specifications of the new LiveWire. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds, and does not require a clutch and gear shifting, making it even easier to operate. The company says the model will be able to run over 160 kilometers in a city with one charge, but said it does not apply to driving on a highway.

Just because it’s electric does not mean that LiveWire is something slower than the other models. The engineers working on it argue that it is equally powerful and even produces the same sound as all other new Harley-Davidson models.


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