The man asked his wife how the day was going: Then the daughter told him something incredible (VIDEO)


This video and the message it sends touches the hearts of over 5.3 million people.

The video name is “Normal Day” and displays a typical day for a mother with her two young children. It’s a video that many mothers will see themselves.

The mother in the video starts her day before the sunrise with the shouting of a child: MAMAAA.

In her room there is a monster and needs to be comforted. After that both children start to quarrel, the mother must act quickly to sort out the situation.

Although the day has started, this super mum very well suits every stressful situation.

Then it’s time to go to the store. The fight begins as it tries to place children in a car. Of course, the purchase itself is an adventure for itself, but it also manages to bear it without problems.

Then the cleaning of the clutter comes. Her little daughter carries a cake through the kitchen. The mother sees that she does not keep her flat, but does not get in time, the whole cake falls to the floor. The mother sits on the floor and is taught, but knows that this is part of motherhood.

Her husband returns home from work and asks how the day passed, and she answers that it was normal. He recalls the whole day filled with various child problems and attacks. Thinking about chaos during lunch. Thinking about the unceasing cleansing of the clutter and changing the diapers. But for her, that chaos and stress is normal.

Many mothers feel overcrowded, stressed, and underestimated. Therefore, this video should be viewed by every mother. This beautiful message in the end every mother deserves to hear.

When the father asked her daughter how her mother spent the day, her answer completely surprised the mother.


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