The more emotionally intelligent a man is, the more successful a marriage is


The latest research on marriage shows that success is achieved only if the partners listen to each other and make compromises. When a man develops emotional intelligence and participates in the same measure as the opposite, success in marriage is inevitable.

A survey of 130 couples concluded that marriages in which men are willing to talk and compromise are long-lasting.

Men find it very difficult to open up and talk to their partners. Those who will overcome this hurdle and learn at the beginning of the relationship that agreement is the key to success are on the right track. Happiness in marriage requires a great deal of love and respect, but without investing in the relationship, success will be lacking. Love itself is not enough. Every relationship, especially a partnership, requires work and investment.

Disputes are an integral part of life and are sometimes desirable because conflicts bring opportunities for development. However, if the dispute ends and everyone goes their own way, there is a problem here.

Every argument requires a conversation and a solution, which can only be done by emotionally intelligent individuals and persons of the same level of intellect.

Emotional intelligence is a need for harmony, if one side is not ready to sacrifice over time, the relationship will not be of good quality.

Research has shown that marriages in which a man knows when to step down and let his wife lead are more successful. Women need that sense of power.


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