The Russian army will receive reinforcements: Drones equipped with bombs


Russia intends to expand the military armor with drones to be equipped with bombs.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced it will equip the drone army among which there will be drones equipped with bombs. They are in the stage of development, miniature bombs, and the move is a result of the experiences in Syria, where IDP terrorists tried to attack the Russian drone base modified to carry explosives.

For now, neither deadlines nor technical details of an armed drone have been published, and many are skeptical about Russian plans. The Russian program for hypersonic missiles is not developing as expected, but the drones definitely have a greater chance of success.

However, the efficiency of the drones is in doubt because, although they are fast moving, they are not exactly the most precise archers, and the technology for drone picking has already been developed. They would be effective in areas difficult to predict, such as narrow streets or interior objects.

However, it is obvious that world powers are definitely increasingly investing in the greater role of robotics on the battlefield.


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