The way you kiss kisses a lot about your partner


Acts speak louder than words. Discover some hidden messages for your partner in the way they kiss you.

Kiss in the mouth

A quick kiss in the mouth is, of course, a way for a person who loves his or her partner to say “hello” or “see you later”. If your partner shows love when you are alone, not just in front of people, it means that he is happy to be a part of your daily life.

Kiss in the hair

The kiss on the hair tells you that he wants to take care of you, protect you. With a kiss on your hair, your husband tells you that you care a lot.

Kiss in hand

This kiss is the way your husband flirts. In addition, if a man kisses you, it shows that he trusts you and wants to draw attention – because it is unusual to kiss someone in the hand unless you are a member of the royal family.

Kiss in the neck

With this kiss, your partner shows you that she has strong feelings for you, but it is also a great way to tell you that she loves you, without saying a word.

French kiss

The French kiss is the greatest proof that there is passion between you and that your partner finds you attractive.

Kiss between eyes

It may seem strange and unusual to you, but with this gesture your partner shows pure love.

Kiss at the head

The kissing partner at the helm tells you that he is always there for you, that he will protect you, that he loves your soul, not just your body.


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